Pro-Blackness is Obsolete.

Pro-Blackness and Pro-Black Skin-ism is obsolete because the ‪#‎NewNegros‬ and other Blacks who betray our interest have learned to manipulate our desires for Black Unity and Solidarity for their own selfish ends and to serve the agendas of their White Masters.

We need must add a political and ideological component to Black Unity, it can no longer simply be cultural or racial. If Obama’s Election and Governance has not driven this home, I don’t know what will. But we have to keep working towards functional Black Unity, not Unity for Unity’s sake.

Don’t let New Negros or unconscious Black people make you feel ashamed or that your are undermining Black Unity when you don’t support Blacks simply because they are Black, don’t let New Negros tell you that you can’t criticize or oppose Black people and their efforts when they are not in the interest of the larger Black community. Don’t fear being called a Hater when you refuse to support some rich (not wealthy, but rich) Negro and their striving to further inflate their celebrity and bank accounts.

Now that New Negros are using Black Unity as a cover for their treasonous acts, the Black criminal element is using the ‘Revolutionary But Gangsta’ mantra to give cover for their parasitism and preying on the Black community, Black Capitalist are pimping the Buy Black movement to feed their personal greed without kicking back to the community, and Black Pimp preachers are buying Kente Cloth choir robes and pretending that they down with Liberation as the keep sucking the community dry, we have to tighten up what we mean by Black Unity and Pro-Blackness.