The Real Tragedy: White Drug Pandemic Vs. the Black Drug Epidemic.

There’s something that’s really been bugging me, buggin the shit outta me.

I keep seeing people post about the disparities between how the US government and society is responding to the White Drug Pandemic and the fake, media, and public policy constructed Black Drug Epidemic.

Everyone is up in arms at how the White Drug Pandemic is being treated as a Public Health Issue, and the Black Drug Epidemic was treated as criminal justice issue; and all of the misery and atrocities that sprang up from that.  
But, as Black people, we should understand that that’s not the damn tragedy; that’s White folks being White folks.  

The real fucking tragedy surrounding the Black Drug Epidemic was that  Black people went along with White people in criminalizing Black drug addiction, the entire Black community!  That’s the fucking problem, not White people continuing to act like they have always acted since they emerged from the Caucasus Mountains!

Whites would not have been able to criminalize a whole generation if not for the cooperation of New Negros, Uncle Toms, and the Black Elites.  In fact 99% of Racist aggression against our community would be greatly hindered (but not ended) if not for Black cooperation coming from the top down!

I been struggling and organizing around this issue since 1990!  So yall can’t fool me with your sudden awakening to the disparities between Whites and Blacks in drug enforcement!

I’ve been shunned, ousted from organizations, and even attacked while advocating for addicts, street level dealers, and the Black poor in general.
I’ve been told that I’m “making excuses,” that I’m “always tryna blame the White man.”  I’ve been told that bullshit about “no one forced anyone to pick up the pipe,” by Blacks with PhDs, and by so-called Conscious Blacks.

I’ve even been told, by wealthy Blacks that we deserve to have (militarized) police descend on our communities because we do drugs and condone drug dealing, when I approached them for help and support.  One told me (back in 97’ that she was “glad the police was crackin heads.” (I’m sure this same women is sharing every #BlackLivesMatterPost she come across now).

So, now we got sympathy for those who feel by the wayside during the Integration Era, during the Affirmative Action Era, in the Era where the government bought off a few, then saturated the Black community in Crack, while Deindustrialization policies destroyed Black economic foundations.

So now we ready to stop blaming the Black masses for the failures of our leaders and Negro Elites, for succumbing to agendas we were not educated or equipped by our leaders to counter or even recognize.  

I guess I will no longer get cussed out, mocked, or accused of “blaming the White man for everything,” when I state that Addiction is a disease, and the Drug War is a genocidal initiative against the Black community.  

But I don’t know if I’m upset because it’s too little too late for millions of people, including many of my family members; or I’m pissed because I know we will be parroting the next anti-Black policy and propaganda initiative cooked up by our oppressors.

Am I pissed because I know the few Black tokens allowed some standing in this System will take the lead in spreading the anti-Black policies and propaganda among the Black masses, and the so-called Conscious Blacks will also adopt the “blame Niggas” rhetoric so that they won’t appear to be “blaming the White man, and refusing to hold our own accountable.”

I don’t know, I just know I’m really annoyed every time I see someone post about how Whites are treating White Drug Addicts differently than Black Drug Addicts, and ignore the fact that the Black Elites and Black masses treated Black Drug Addicts no better than the White Elites and White Masses did back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  

I guess what really has me pissed is that I don’t think we’ve learned the lesson yet.

We will not stop eating up and regurgitating White propaganda targeted against us.  We will repeat the lies Whites tell us about ourselves.  We will follow Negro Elites (like Oprah, Skip Gates, and Cosby [don’t think I forgot how yall followed Cosby prior to his rape allegation being made public], and Obama) in their adopting and promoting White lies about us.

In fact, it’s already happening. Conscious Blacks following fools who promote the fallacy that all of our problems are Single Mothers, Black LGBTQs, and Saggin Pants.  There are Negro Elites who promote the fallacy that all of our problems are rooted in our poor spending habits, and failure to stress schooling in poor communities.  I could name dozens more; but at least we are done blaming Crack Heads and Street Corner Dealers for all of our problems, right? SMH.  

“The Black-on-Black Crisis is a myth, The crack that did the damage was the one from the whip!” – The Coup (Song: Dig It)

‘Got coke from the Contras, gave crack to the po’,And the government responds to it: “Just say no”’- Skipp Coon (Song: 4-28-1967)

Let me end this before I start calling names. Let’s just learn the damn lesson and keep advancing.


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