A Childish God.

People out here worshiping a childish God who demands their constant attention and devotion or he will throw a (catastrophic) tantrum; a God that can’t speak directly or give direct, clear, and concise instruction as to his will, intent, and predictions; a God that loves to play hide-and-seek, doing everything in his power to avoid definitive proof in his existence, but will pop up on pattern in toast crust or perform some miracle when there are no recording devices around. Oh, and I almost forgot: he thinks girls are icky, and had to do an Immaculate Conception because he wasn’t mature enough to “do the deed” of impregnating a woman. What an omnipotent baby!

This worst thing about this childish, baby God is how he retards the intellectual and connotative development of his followers. They either become as childish, petty, and brutal as their childish God, or they become strict and violent parental figures defending their God in all his absurdities. Either way, this God is a horrible role model for his flock.