On Internal Black Conflicts…

Attention Conscious, Revolutionist, Activist, Spiritual, Rational, African-Centered Black folks.

Whenever you get to reflecting on whatever internal conflicts you have within your organizations, or within the overall Conscious “Community,” remember this: Those we oppose have fought, not one but two (White) World Wars, and countless lesser and proxy wars against each other. They have blown through trillions of dollars, and lost as much for their fellow White investors, yet they sustain the needed unity to maintain the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination.

It ain’t all harmony withing the White Elite World, but they have an undying, unbroken commitment to rule the world, keep their hold over the world’s resources, and to not allow their internal conflicts to make them too vulnerable to people like us, and other Revolutionary Movements that seek to unseat them.

So, if you have an ongoing internal conflict with other people in your organization or community and it does not rise to the level of treason, or betrayal of the ultimate mission; don’t allow it to break your commitment to the struggle, even if you have to find a new formation to organize with in.

Take a lesson from our enemies and make sure nothing threatens the ultimate agenda and goals of Pan-Africanism and Liberation. Don’t allow petty conflicts to subvert the larger Struggle.

Never let the Enemies divide us, and refuse to divide ourselves.



Note: Just image where we’d be if we resolved these conflicts….

Marcus Mosiah Garvey & W.E.B Dubois
Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.
Black Panthers & US Organization
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee & SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Image if they elevated their common goals of Black Upliftment over their conflicting methods.

The sad thing is; we are still fighting these internal battles form 50-100 years ago. I’m not calling for an end to the debates and internal struggles; I’m calling for an end to allowing smaller differences to obstruct us from working together to achieve the larger goals.

Too often Black Agents are able to disrupt entire movements because we allow smaller disputes to get out of hand, so we do half the work for them.

Ever Forward.

Final Note: All this is coming from a dude who’s very strongly rooted in ideology, but we can’t eat ideology; we need be strategic, and we need to be able to work across ideological lines when our interest and goals overlap; we need to secure resources and build institutions that can embrace and serve the majority of Africans “at home and abroad.”

Disagreeing with me dosen’t make you my enemy or me yours.

I’m a full on Garveyite, and I got deep issues with Dubois; but I know there was space for them to coordinate their efforts and bring hell to the enemies of our people. Which ever side you fall on Africans, lets make them proud and overcome the obstacles they could not.

Let’s get this Revolution on and Over With yall. Right now.

Forever Forward!