what do you think about bobby hemmitt’s “black mystical agenda”? i found some parts interesting? if you have not seen it are you at least familar with his work.

I ain’t with that shit, I know it is appealing, but I think we put way to much energy into Esotericism, Mysticism, and Spookism.

We are hurting for sober analysis and practical, systematic planning, organizing, and execution. 

Too many “conscious” people retreat into these obscure ideologies and studies and become utterly useless to the Liberation Struggle because they are trying to hitch a ride on the next Mother Ship, or they are searching for Reptilian Overlords, or looking for hidden symbols and messages in blockbuster movies, or decoding the Illuminati hand gestures of Minstrel Rappers.  We can’t afford that shit, nor can we afford to have those who would otherwise be doing the real work of liberation caught up in that shit.

I’m a big fan of Science Fiction, and that’s almost all I read in my pre-adolescence, but time came to grow up and make a real distinction between fantasy and reality. 

What worse than complete fiction, is when fiction is married to reality and people try to live as though these fictions have real world applications.

Oppressed and dis-empowered people are particularly vulnerable to fantasies promoted as real, and cults because they have so little real world agency, anyone tell the Oppressed that they were great, or that they will be great again through some magical or supernatural process will get a following.  Those who tell them that they must work, organize, and that there is not help coming from the cosmos, that their oppressors are just men and women with not magical powers some other people agendas and systems; it’s not so glamorous and harder to sell to the masses.

I have nothing personal against Bobby Hemmitt, but I don’t support the “Black Mystical Agenda.”