The White Man (is the) Burden.

Europeans created the most dysfunctional, corrupt, and destructive economic and political systems the world has ever seen. If that wasn’t bad enough, they went around the entire world and imposed their fucked up economics and politics on all of humanity.

Now that it’s time to pay the (ecological) piper, Whites wanna pretend that Ecological Collapse is a human problem, a mankind problem, that all of humanity is to blame for the utter destruction of the world ecosystems and the subversion of the planet’s ability to sustain life.

That’s what angers me the most; the fact that Whites held Western Civilization up as the pinnacle of human achievement, but will not accept the full consequences of their grand technological and industrial advancements.

We are also plagued by pretenders to the economic and industrial throne like the Chinese, East Indians, South Koreans, and the Japanese doing their part to rape and kill our only fucking inhabitable planet!

I don’t even need to mention the African/Black capitalist who seek to crawl up the economic ass-crack of any Omnicadal economy that’s willing to carve out a space for them! Fuck them too.

Fuck Western Culture and all of it’s adherents. Western Culture fucking ecologically destroyed the landmass of Europe, which is what drove those fucking wig wearing savages to colonized the rest of the world in the first damn place, and now they’ve succeeded in turning the rest of our lush, and abundant planet into a hi-tech version of Medieval Europe, complete with a small corrupt elite and billions of ignorant serfs and peasants.

Oh, and….

Fuck you Negros who are so proud of your ability to integrate and achieve within this shit heap of a system too. Yall need to stop bragging and put yall meager resources to use in service of Pan-African Revolution and subverting your Masters before the Whites see fit to just snatch what little yall got like they did so many times in the recent and distant past.