Are east asians like chinese,koreans,japanese etc… xenophobic (culturally) by nature ? And what about the arabic people ? Also have there been hyper agressive african tribes ?

Well, Asia and Asians are very diverse, ethnically, phenotypically, and culturally.  So cultures are xenophobic, some are not.  Many of them were not inherently xenophobic but have been driven to it as a result of centuries of invitations, colonization, and imperialist aggression from the West.  You find the same forces and experience behind Xenophobia that plagues Africa today.

I think most human cultures are not xenophobic by nature, humans are extremely socially dependent, curious, and adventurous primates.  So distrust of strangers all depends on how a people are acculturated.  The Western cultures are rather unique in being almost totally xenophobic; but Bradley explains why in his text; The Iceman’s Inheritance.

Humans by nature are suspicious of strangers, but that didn’t always lead to hostility, rejection, and violence.  Dr. John Henrik Clarke state that “the White man didn’t have to fight his way onto Africa’s or America’s shores,” because these nations were not xenophobic.  In Asia, sometimes they had to fight, other times they didn’t. 

“To view the Arabs as anything other than White invaders is a pathological denial of history.” – Dr. Bobby E. Wright

That’s my view on Arab/Islamic impacts on Africa, they have shown that they are as xenophobic and aggressive as their European cousins.  But again, Arabs are not the only Ethnic or Cultural group to embrace Islam or dwell in the Middle East.  Also, not even the Arabs demonstrated Western Style Aggression until the advent of Islam; so it’s not natural to them, I don’t think, they have been acculturated and indoctrinated into it. 

As far as Hyper Aggression, we have to understand that them means they wage war, total war against all things.  That means being Omnicidal, killing not only people but killing off entire animal species, killing entire ecosystems; like White did and are doing across the globe; and I don’t know of any Hyper Aggressive Cultures in Africa.  There were warring cultures, militarist cultures, even imperialist expansionist cultures; but no Hyper Aggressive cultures like those that emerged out of Europe.  Not that I know of, not until Western and Arab contamination.

Again, I’m not suggesting that per-colonial Atria was a utopia, the the issues we faced were not the same, didn’t manifest the same way as they did in other cultures. So it’s misleading to use White context or definitions to explain African phenomenon.