Next time whites want to say we like to riot, loot, and destroy, can you remind them of a certain European tribe these behaviors were named after?! The Vandals marauded, raped, pillaged, all over the Roman Empire, forcing its collapse

Word.  I have to remind people that Europeans were already well experienced in Invasions, Colonization, Mass Murder, Enslavement, Systematic Rape, and all that other shit long before they reached the shores of Africa, Asia, North and South Americas.

The first victims of White Aggression were other Whites; and they are always one step away from mass White on White Slaughter, no matter if it’s WWI, WWII, or ethnic slaughter like in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Even mass shootings in the US, which are treated as isolated, individualistic crimes, but they are actually a cultural phenomenon.

White Aggression is the biggest threat to all people, not just Blacks and other Whites, but it’s the biggest threat to Whites.  But I don’t know if this will be widely understood while the world is under White Domination.  People like Bush can mount an illegal war that leads to the deaths of millions and still be respected as a statesman, without any fear of being held accountable for his crimes.

When Whites criminalize the Black Race and pain us as the threat, they are engaging in psychological projection.