Columbus Was Doing the Work of God…According to the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The Black Hebrews proclaim that the The Black Holocaust Then & Now came about because God loved us so fucking much that our rejection of him provoked him to create conditions where millions of our people died in the most horrible manner possible, and we who lived are dispersed throughout the world to be oppressed and exploited until we die premature deaths.

Now, let’s say I accept this psychotic explanation for the sorry state of the African Diaspora, that still does not explain all the Colateral damage.

What about the Arawak and Tienos? The Azteks, and the Myans? What about the millions of Native Americans that had to be killed off so that there would be room to build plantations to punish us in the name of God?

Why did God allow the Europeans to colonize Asia, Australia, Ireland, and all these other places that were not occupied by the Chosen People, or used as places to disperse and punish the Black Hebrews? Why did God allow genocide to be carried out on every single populated land mass on this planet if he just wanted to punish his Select?

Why did God allow his chosen punishers to kill off 10s of millions of their own in WWI and WWII? Was he punishing them for accepting their roles as the pusnishers of us? Shouldn’t God bless them for their faithful service to his genocidal agendas?

Oh, and, WTF about the Dodo Bird, and the Carrier Pigeon, or the Tasmanian Tiger? Why the hell did God allow all these animals to go into extinction, where those his chosen animals? Why allow so many animal and plant species to be threaten my his chosen punishers?

Why was God so sloppy in his punishment of the Chosen People? Does he just not give a fuck, or is there another explanation for the state of the world today?

According to the Black Hebrews Chistopher Columbus was telling the truth when he claimed to be doing the work of God. Columbus’ picture should be on the wall of every Black Hebrew Temple.

Happy Columbus Day!

— with Shawn McDonald.