Somebody please tell the Hip Pop “Artist” that while “Black people cannot be Racist,” they can still be Servants of White Domination, Anti-African Propagandist, and Race Traitors.

We got Lil’ Whine, and now Plies crying about Racism when I don’t think they really understand racism or how it really works.

In fact, I think New Negros aren’t really against Racism, they just don’t like any barriers between them and White people. They cool with Racism as long as they on the same side of the fence as the Racist. So they only get pissed off when the Racist openly rejects all Blacks, not when the Racist impose Racist conditions just on the Black poor and working classes.

So as long as Racism is imposed against the Black Masses, as long as they are allowed to buy their way out of Blackness, or earn their way out of Blackness through loyalty to the larger System of White Domination, they could care less about the Institutional Racism that binds the rest of the Race.

That’s what they mean when they say; “They made it outta the Hood,” they really mean they made it out from under Blackness not the “Hood,” they take many Hood (tendencies) with them to the White Gated Communities, and Beverly Hills condos they move into when they “get that paper.”

Some of yall think this shit is positive, but I don’t. It seems like these Hip Poppers are saying: “We wanna be your Niggers, but we don’t want you to call us Niggers.” Like a person who will have sex with you for money, but gets offended if you call them a prostitute.

I wish these Hip Poppers would just shut the fuck up about such issues until they properly educate themselves, and integrate anti-racism into their music and “portrayed” lifestyles.