Reformation of the Black Chruch…

Can you imagine that if, any other institution had as many sexual and child molestation scandals as the church it would still be standing, or have any level of legitimacy?

Can you imagine any other business other than the church taking in billions of dollars of tax-free revenue (from mostly poor people) and providing so few products or services?

Can you imagine any other enterprise more free of regulation, standards, or accountability? You need more licenses, and documentation to start a car wash, and care for people’s cars, than you need to take charge of peoples spiritual growth and immortal souls!

How the hell do Reverends pal around with politicians and corporate leaders when Jesus was set up by the elite, and executed by the state?!?

It shouldn’t be us non-believers challenging the church, it should be you who are ‘Wash in the Blood of Jesus.“ You all should be the most aggressive critics of the Church, and the leaders. You should be more pissed off than anyone about the state of the Church and Religions today. Yall should been asking these questions. Where the hell are the Rams in Jesus’ flock, why they hell ain’t yall cleaning house?

Don’t yall think the Black Church is over due for a large scale Reformation? The White Christians had their first one way back in 1517, and you Black Christians ain’t had one yet!

I know calling out Christians on their hypocrisy is a futile endeavor.
Pointing out just how far their life-styles, and beliefs are from Jesus is also useless, it seems. I just can’t help myself. If these religions didn’t have a hold of so many Black people’s minds and wallets, I wouldn’t care as much about it.

Black Christians have the greatest immunity from the realities of their faith, I just can’t understand how they weather so many financial, sexual, and doctrinal scandals and still can Hoop&Holla, and throw in them Dollas ever damn Sunday, it blows my mind.