I read your most recent post and you went in about European sectarianism. That shit makes all other tribalism the media try to push look like a joke. The media loves to push that black and brown people are so tribal and dysfunctional. Why do you think Europeans have such hatred towards themselves and other peoples? Your point about the Slavs is true. Hitler tried to conquer Russia and slaughtered a shitload of Russians with his army Why are these people so angry and savage on all continents?

There are many theories about Western Hyper Aggression, I tend to focus more on how to counter it than how it originated.  Two of the best text that approach the issue are Yurugu and The Iceman’s Inheritance.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright also touched on it in his classic; ‘The Psycopathic Racial Personality,’ which is more of a psychoanalysis of White behavior in relations to Black people.

Derrick Jensen stated that Western Culture has a “death urge,” and that it would kill everything on earth if it’s not stopped.

Sigmund Freud also dealt extensively on the Western obsessive with Death, but I think much of his analysis is off, perhaps due to his excessive drug abuse. 

The core of the theories dealing with Western Hyper Aggression are centered around their unique status of being the only segment of “mankind” that evolved in a glacial or frozen region of earth.  The Eskimos/Inuits didn’t evolve in a polar region, they migrated and settled their from warmer climates.

It’s argued that evolving and creating a culture  in a bitterly cold climate with constant resource scarcity made Europeans more aggressive, distrustful, violent, and greedy.  It was said the the first genocide is when the modern European hunted and slaughtered the less aggressive Neanderthals into extinction.  Their arctic evolution must have made them more cunning also, because they’ve convinced much of the world that the Africans, and other POC are the violent races; and that they are the great civilizers.

I’ve read more than a few books on the issue, but like I said, It’s more important to me to counter Western Omnicidal Aggression, than figuring out where it came from.  If you get the final answer, please share it with me.