What are your thoughts on Akons solar power project in Africa?

I’m watching, and I’m very skeptical.  There have been several Trojan Horse initiatives pushed on the African People, where we though some celebrity was coming to do good, or empower the African people but it turns out they were simply agents of our enemies.

Just like Michael Jackson and the “We Are the World” hustle he ran on the Black masses.  The millions raised went into the pockets of White folks as our people in the Horn of Africa continued to suffer under neocolonialist oppression.

Remember when Oprah set up that elite boarding school in SA?  All of the sexual, physical, and psychological abuse that went on there, and more than likely still goes on there?

There have been so many instances of this, in African and the African Diaspora, I don’t jump up and celebrate when such initiatives are announced, not until I see how they play out.

I hope this is a sincere effort, but I don’t know if Akon has a Revolutionary Analysis, and a Pan-African Agenda, if he is a Trojan Horse, or self directed; I’m long over trusting anyone surrounding such issues, and I will observe the progress of the project and I can only hope it’s the real deal….., but my I’m leaning towards the pessimistic side of the scale.

I mean, Obama’s Hope and Change turned into a catastrophe for the African Global Community, from the Hoods here in the US, to Libya, to the Congo, to our Brothers and Sisters in Latin and South America; Obama has been an catastrophe for our people, and our hopes and aspirations.

So, we should support but remain skeptical and verify all assertions emerging Akon’s alternative energy projects.