Brother Diallo, do you think it’s possible to work within the U.S. governmental system in order to bring about freedom for black folks? There are quite a few black people who think if only we had more ethical black cops, black politicians, local and federal, and judges that things could turn around for black people in general. Thoughts?

Yes and No.  A person could work for or within the government and
still organize for Liberation and Justice; but they cannot move the
Institutions, Bureaucracies , and Systems of the US government towards
freedom for Black folks.  

What you are referring to is called
“agency capture,” when an organization was turned from its original
purpose to address a different purpose. It’s a complex move that Black
people in the US are in no position to carry out, not at this stage of
the struggle, not on the federal level.  Maybe on the State and Local
levels of government, but I haven’t seen it happen in recent decades.  
Usually the people who seek to turn government systems usually get
turned.  Look at Thurgood Marshall. TM did more for Blacks fighting against the US legal system than he did as a Supreme Court Justice.  

a Black politician, Bureaucrat, cop, judges, DAs, fireman, mailman,
administrator, DMV clerk, presidents, etc; can all be down and
contribute to the Struggle, but they can’t turn their agencies towards
the struggle, the best they can do is subvert or mitigate the damages
that their employers or agencies do to the Black community.  

will do better to build our own governing systems and protocols, our own
Pan-African agencies and institutions, than trying to fix or turn their
corrupt and Racist systems.