On Integration…

Integration was a mistake, a big muthafuckin mistake!

Now that that’s established, we need to move on.

We need to unify the African Diaspora then make formal links with our African Brothers and Sisters on the African Continent. We need a workable and multi-generational plan for….

1. The dismantling of all of the infrastructures and systems of Global White Domination.

2. A formal integration of all nations/territories/communities/individuals of the African Diaspora into a unified African Continent.

3. Oh, I guess I shoulda mentioned we need a ‘unified African Continent; one with a unified socialist economy, unified defense apparatus, and a central body for resolving disputes between African States, and we need to dissolve all colonial divisions and borders.

4. A short term plan-of-action for abating all of the damage done by industrial capitalism to the planets ecosystems and climate.
(That’s the short list)

Too all you who wanna talk that “Blacks don’t get along” BS, I’ll tell you this…

1. Africans have spent the last 3 centuries or more trying to get along with European Invaders/Enslavers/Clonizers, we owe it two ourselves to give at the very lease 300 years to work shit out among our selves.

2. We were willing to endure lynchings, beatings, mutilations, dog bites, high-pressure water hoses, and White folks spit in order to integrate with White folks, we should be willing do endure at least that to integrate all Africans in the World (though I don’t suspect we will be subjected to all of that once we demonstrate to other Africans our sincerity, and the viability of our agenda).

3. Finally, those Africans who reject African Integration and want to continue in the “Dream” of a post-racial future, leave them to their delusions, the Whites they seek assimilation with will teach them better than we can about the futility of their efforts.

(I know this is a big plan but the good news is you can start to work on it right in your city, your community, on your block, in your home. Besides, what better way to utilize you life’s energy?)

(Contact me if you’d like more info, or would like to expand on this Agenda, esp. those who’ve contacted me in the past and I’ve failed to follow up with.)