Stay On…

If you need the Corporate Media to turn you on to an injustice, abuse, or crime committed by the police or others in authority; then it’s most likely they can turn you off to the larger and ongoing atrocities, injustices, and abuses committed by Governments and Corporations.

I’m getting a little weary of seeing police abuse vids, and Free Palestine post just pop up over the last week or so; as if this shit wasn’t going on a week ago, or a two weeks ago, or always going on in some form or another all over the world all the time, whether the media reports it or not. Why is it that most only speak out when the corporate media has the spot light on any particular atrocity?

Just a few years ago folks was sharing links about Sudan, but what about now? They atrocities are still ongoing; what about the Congo? Ain’t seen a link about that in some time either, but Palestine is all over the place.

I couldn’t log on without Oscar Grant popping up a while ago, and it took another brother being murdered by the cops on camera to get folks riled up again. SMH.

Are we gon need another “Creepy Kracka” to murder another Black youth and walk before we mobilize for our youth again?

What will it take to wake folks up and keep them woke even after the cameras are turned off?

These atrocities are reminders and reinforcements for what you should already know, and already be organizing against; but if you on some bandwagon shit, you are a part of the problem too; you are part of the propaganda apparatus of that tries to pretend like this shit is just isolated pockets of injustice, or misunderstandings, or momentary over reaches of authority.

We should already be in active rebellion, the airing of the systems atrocities shouldn’t even give us pause at this point.