Stop the Violence | Start the Revolution

Reducing the violence and homicides in South & West Chicago is easy. Hell, reducing violence in any poor Black community anywhere in the US is so simple it could be done within a week or less.

All you have to do is give our people adequate resources and support to live dignified and fulfilling lives.

It wouldn’t even be charity or welfare because Africans have been denied full compensation for their labor and suffering since our forced entry into this nation; our labor is still under compensated and outright stolen by corporations right now. We’ve also had Trillions of dollars in land, assets, intellectual property, and raw cash stolen from us since the Post-Reconstruction era; which doesn’t include slavery reparations, and Crimes Against Humanity compensation. So, giving Black people just a fraction of our wealth and resources back, so that they could build functional communities would reduce the violence instantly.

The only reason the issues of violence and homicides are so difficult to address is because White Liberals, and their Progressive Black allies seek to end the violence without fundamentally changing the economic and social relations within in the society. They essentially want poor and deprived Black people to suffer and starve peacefully and lawfully; while the few with exceptional skills or talents “make it out,” and serve as empty symbols of our collective progress.

Now, that’s hard as shit! I’ve been studying these issues for over 20 years and I’ve yet to see how that can be done without implementing genocide against the poor; which is what the Elite and Conservative Whites have chosen to do.

So, the next time you see anyone in the hood advocating an end to the violence and homicides; but they don’t have an agenda for fundamentally changing the social and economic relations in the greater society (i.e. Revolution), please don’t allow them to waste your time.image