Thoughts on Dr. Leonard Jeffries?

He’s always been solid in his scholarship and stances until he supported Obama in 2008, I can see voting for him, but he publicly endorsed Obama.  That’s even forgivable to me, but then after his first term, I attempted to get him to speak publicly about his assessment of Obama’s governance and policies and he never responded.

If Dr. Jeffries has simply kept his position on Obama personal, then we’d have no right to seek a public explanation for his support of Obama, but since he made his support public and encourage the community to support him, he owes us an explanation, or at least an update on his stance on Obama’s policies.

I also question his support and presence at the final Million Man March, I thought he stood with his Mentor and Teacher Dr. John Henrick Clarke on not support those Marches.

All that being said I still respect Dr. Jeffries, his contributions and sacrifices for the community.  I had the pleasure of attending some of his public talks and met him at the United African Movement events in Harlem way back in the early 2000s.

So this is all; as Del Jones would say; “criticism with affection,” and maximum respect for our honored elder.

Oh, and while I’m at it, lemme give a shout out to Dr. Marimba Ani, who call it on Obama long before he was elected to office, and even debated Dr. Jefferies on the issue; she was so correct and she should be given thanks and praise for her continued work to educate and heal the Black community.