What are your thoughts on socialism and revolutionary socialism? I know folks who call themselves conscious and equate socialism to the ancient African trade system. Is that a reasonable thing to do?

Socialism has to be implemented through Revolution because our natural evolution towards socialism was distributed by Western Imperlism, and when a people’s natural evolution is disrupted or derailed they need to implement Revolution to get back on track.  So, all true socialist must be revolutionary socialist.

Socialism is an economic system rooted in meeting ecological needs of humans and the larger environment, Capitalism is an economic system rooted in accumulation, the economy only exists to generate profit, usually through the hyper-exploitation of humans and the larger environment. Therefore, only psychopaths and ignorant people embrace Capitalism.

I don’t think it’s really wise to compare a pre-industrial economic system to what we have today or what must be done.  If I was forced to there were definitely socialistic elements to ancient African societies and kingdoms; but not the type I advocate for.  It’s popular to call ancient African productive, economic, and trade system “primitive socialism,” and I wouldn’t have a problem with that except that “primitive” is often used as a dismissive or derogatory term in the West.  Primitive means “first” not lesser or savage; so in that context, yes Africans were the first socialist, and the first socialism originated in the first organized human communities in Africa. 

I’m not pushing to recreate the first socialism, but to use the vast talent, skill, and resources of Africa and the African Diaspora to implement a new and innovative Ecological Scientific Socialist Economies and Societies.