On the “Super Villain” Historical View.

is an issue I’ve had to confront for years, and I am surprised that
more people in the Conscious and Pan-African community don’t agree with
me.  I just had a Brother inquire about my views concerning yet another
assertion that there is some single Organization (the Vatican), or
single White ethnic group (Ashkenazi Jews),
or some villainous organization (the Illuminati or Free Masons) that
run the World, the control all human affairs over the last sever

Here’s my response to that view:

“The Super
Villain, or Injustice League historical view or analysis of global
conditions never holds up. People would like to imagine that there is
one evil cabal, or sect that rules all, that has run the world and
directed all human affairs from some Temple of Doom, or Death Star; but
history does not support this view and analysis.

The Systems and
Institutions of White Domination are more diverse and less centralized
than that. There’s no supernatural elements, or one Ring that Rules them
all. Many people say the Jews run it all, some say the Vatican, some
say the Knights Templar, some even say the blood Descendants of Jesus
run it all. But they System is based on an ideology, a mentality that
gets past down and indoctrinated into future generations through Western
institutions and media. Anyone can serve this system from a White
Nationalist to Obama as long as they hold to the agendas and accept the
rewards for doing so.

We need to target the Systems and
Institutions, not only dusty formations that have spooky old buildings
full of dirty old men. That shit makes for good movies but it’s not a
good organizational strategy.

There are organizations that have
power and they compete with other organizations that have power, and
they rise and fall and rise again, but they all operate withing the
larger System.”

I know this pisses people off who want a single
target for their anger, who want to distill the problems of the world
down to one group or even one family (Rothschilds) but that makes as
much sense as asserting that the Great African Empires were  built by
one family, organization, or even one nation.  Greatness, great evils
and great good are always diverse, complex, multi-layered, and spread
across large spans of time and space.  

Even if you who want to
target a single super evil are successful you will see how fast a new
villain will fills that gap.  People though we’d have a new and better
world once the Nazis were defeated, once the British Empire were ran out
of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, once the South African government
fell, or once Israel falls, or America falls; but that’s not how shit

Read The Destruction of Black Civilization,
you’ll see that shit tends to erode overtime, not collapse all at once,
so we must work to dismantle and build, not to blow up and rise over
night.  We need long term and broad strategies that can span
generations, we need to target Systems, Institutions, processes, and
methods, not just single Evil Organizations.