Do you believe labor is a commodity?

Short Answer: Yes. I don’t believe or condone it, but that’s the reality.  Labor is a commodity. 


Under Capitalism everything is a commodity, or commodified.

Separating People from Labor (in this context) is like trying to separate Beef from Cows, anyone who does that is trying to distort the issue.  

So, if labor is a commodity so are workers; and that’s slavery.

Capitalism is so entrenched and secure they don’t even pretend that we are not commodities, they call us Human Resources right to our faces.

Labor and workers should not be commodities, they only way to de-commodify labor and workers is to give (or forcefully take) workers ownership over the means of productions and the products and services that they create; that’s Socialism, Communal Ownership, Cooperative Ownership, Local Control.