You ever considered that black peoples are fucked and you’re just wasting your time with this tumblr bullshit? How the fuck are blacks going to be liberated from whites that have nuclear bombs AND biochemical bombs that can blow this whole earth to dust? Face it you and your kind are fucked. I’d rather the planet blow than blacks liberated.


Your post is evidence that I’m not wasting my time.  I can smell the desperation and fear in your words W.R.I.T. 

What you are doing here is called Psychological Projection.  Everything you say about Black people is actually how you feel about your own Race, you see that the world is Black and Brown and only getting Blacker and Browner, as the reproductive rates of the White Western Nations continue to fall below replacement rates. 

You see your shock troops being defeated by barefoot, malnourished, illiterate farmers and herdsmen all over the world, then the soldiers come running home to commit suicide or go on mass shooting sprees.  Hell, Obama worked like hell to save you White Racist and your doomed systems and yall were to Racist and fearful to allow the man to do the job.  SMH.

Now, a sane nation/culture/person would take this opportunity to join humanity and end their pathological drive for domination, but sanity is not a characteristic one can apply to Western Culture and Capitalism.

Thanks for sharing your poorly disquged fear and insecruty.  Also, people don’t talk Anonymously to those the don’t fear, if we were truly “fucked” you’ wouldn’t be afraid to revel yourself. Punk.

Let me give you your W.R.I.T. (White Racist Internet Troll) Score so you can get back to making anon racist comments on other websites and blogs.

W.R.I.T Score 5 : Average.