Is a economic warfare more effective/deadlier than a conventional warfare against the enemy ?

Which enemy are you talking about, the Oppressed fighting the Oppressors, or the Oppressors fighting the Oppressed?

I guess it doesn’t matter because the answer is the same either way.

Econmic Warfare (EW) is much deadlier than (CW).

For the Oppressed, economic warfare is so much more dangers because the Oppressed masses are the only source of monetary wealth in the world.  The masses are the ones mining the natural resources, they are the ones tending the field, slaughtering the the livestock, paving the roads, sweating in the sweatshops, or in the prison factories.  The masses of the poor, and powerless are the only true source of real wealth in this economy.

If the workers of the world just sat on their asses and refused to work for these parasitic Rich muthafuckas, then they would take over the world in a bloodless revolution, then they could redistribution the wealth in a just manor.  But the masses don’t do this for various reasons, they don’t even bother to study, let alone implement EW.

For the Elite Oppressors, EW is so much deadlier and effective than CW because they only way they are able to conduct CW, and have inflated military budgets,  bloated military contracts, pay desperate people to fly around the world and kill other desperate people is through conducting EW against humanty. 

Also, EW is ongoing, uninterrupted, and hits all people and nations, whereas CW is mostly isolated to the 3rd World, occupied lands, and places where there tend to be fewer Whites; so no one cares much about people being killed under CW.

In fact the system of Capitalism is so dysfunctional that it it destructive and murderous even during “peace time” economic practices.  Capitalism is inherently Omnicidal, so you don’t even have to wait for war to suffer and die under Capitalism.

You should also realize that anyone who’s anti-Violence, or pro-peace; but they don’t seek to dismantle and do away with Industrial Capitalism; they are stupid, lying, or both.