Respect Your Body?

I been hearing all these “conscious” Black men tell me that they just wish women would respect their bodies; and I need yall to explain to me what the fuck that means.
To me, respecting your body means proper hygiene, adequate sleep, healthy diet, and at least low-moderate regular exercise; oh, and using proper protective gear when engaged in work and play, what else does respecting your body entail?
From my observation, most of these dudes that call on women to “respect their bodies” violate many of my rules for “Body Respect.”  So why don’t they include men in this Body Respect shit?  I’ve never, in all my years on social media seen one post about “men” who fail to respect their bodies; but I see this shit about women all the time.
Since I been told I’m not a real scholar, how bout yall educate me: WTF do yall mean when yall tell women to “Respect Your Body?”