When white people across the internet bring up black crime and are throwing out all kinds of stats, figures and percentages, how do you respond?

I don’t, unless it’s to mock them, or goad them into exposing even more of their Racism and Pathological Projecting to other readers.

I have no obligation or interests in educating, or changing the mind of White people, especially Racist Whites, or those White in pathological denial their History and Historical Impact on other. 

Fuck Em. 

Besides, those statistic spewing White internet trolls ain’t interested in getting to the truth of any issue, just in publicly reinforcing the myths White people tell themselves to justify their (short-lived, and eroding) Omnicial Reign over the world.

Finally, I took a couple of classes in Statistics when I was securing my Masters degree, I’ve learned, (on my own, not in class) that Stats don’t tell you shit without proper context.