The Struggle Continues!

Jail and/or an early death is hanging over the head of every Black man & woman in America. We work to avoid both of them in most situations; but sometimes the circumstances require us to welcome and embrace them both. If you cannot tell when that time comes, or fail to make the right choice when that time comes; then you are not a Man/Woman, you are not even fully human.

I am/We are:
Assata Shakur
Pete O’Neal
Yaa Asantewas
Queen Nanny of the Maroons
Jean-Jacques Dessalines
George Jackson
Zumbi dos Palmares
Fred Hampton
Mark Essex
Medgar Evers
Fanny Lou Hamer
Nat Turner
Mumia Abu Jamal
Geronimo Pratt

Fear not the tools, apparatus, repression, or violence from the oppressive state. Fear only the potential that you will fail to give your all in the Total & Permanent Liberation of you people and the planet.