Post your poem a revolution deferred.

I couldn’t find it, if you got a copy of it feel free to share, but I got a consolation poem that I’ve never shared. It’s old too.

I wanted to write a poem about fans who kidnapped their favorite rappers and killed them after they found out the artist were bullshitting them, so here’s that attempt. (I guess I should also admit it’s kinda bassed off a movie staring my favorite actor at the time Wesley Snipes, he has a move called the “The Fan” out back when I wrote this.) 

The Fan 
by diALLo:

I was one time admiring 
Now I’m expiring
All the professional liars, I’m now retiring
You hurt me to the core
I can’t take it no more
It’s time I settle the score
I followed you from day one
Saw you tote a big gun
You fuck all the bitches
And made the Bustas run
You slanged rocks
And shot at cops
But now you at the Grammys
And buying up stocks
I don’t understand
You was the Dope Man
Fightin the System
To make your cash-flow expand
What you doin in a funny movie
You tryna confuse me
What happen to cooking rocks
And trafficking keys

It’s because of you
I dropped out of school
At age 13 I wanted to like you
I bout Malt Liquor you rapped about
I sold rocks out my mama’s house
I did a drive-by
I served some time
All while thinking
Your life was like mine
I don’t understand
Perhaps you can explain
How you live a life of leisure
But you glorify pain
Answer me now
Before I plunge this blade!
How do you account
For the rhymes you made
If you call me crazy again
The torture will begin
This will be 
How your rap career ends
I swear I never thought 
I’d see a Gangsta cry
You said you’d be ready
When it was your time to die
I’m not gon kill you jus cuz you lie
But becuz you deceived
My entire generation
Bucha Brothas dead
In prison, On Probation
Don’t say it ain’t yo fault
You sold millions of CDs
Your influnce & Impact
Spread like a disease
You gon tell me about free speech
I’ll tell you how many Blacks your reached
We love you
You look like us
You had our loyalty
Respect & trust
Buy you lined your pockets
And left us to die
That’s why it’s time
For you to say goodbye


I thought is was Nation Time
When I heard you rhyme
I was Idealistic 
And in my prime
I thought the Movement was here to say
I saw your video
youth a White Devil in it
You didn’t start the war
But you’d help us finish it
No more Tricknology
No more swine
This time we’d free
Every Black mind

Were you joking

Playing a fucking game
Cuz I change my name
To an African name
I started preaching in the streets
Like you did on tape
Like you said
“Our whole Race is at stake”
I set fire to the liquor store
Swore I wouldn’t fuck wit Whitey anymore
But it didn’t last
I suppose the fame and money
Got to your ass
I remember you said 
“The preacher is a pimp”
Now you wanna met with the President
You shoulda kept it real
Then I wouldn’t have to kill
Or smack you in the face
Withe loaded black steel
You found Christ
But at what price
You used to be angry
But now you nice
No more Pro-Blackness
You want more assest
No more Race war
Cuz you in the upper-classes
That why your tied up
Withe those weights in ya lap
I’m gon push you in the lake
So you can take a long nap
Don’t play with Revolution
It’s not a game
You was a Wild African
But now you tame
Why me you ask
You never lied to me
You just a White boy
Who loves to Emcee
I can’t argue that
I never was a Fan
I just hate
The Goddamn White Man
I couldn’t escape your music
Or your hype
You even admitted
It was all cuz you White
But that didn’t stop you
From actin a fool
You though you was somethin
But you ain’t said nothin
Just a piece of White Trash
Out there frontin
Don’t act like you can hear
Cuz you gotta hole in ya chest
I gotta few issue
I’d like to address
So before you blackout again
I got quesitons
So please do listen
Why yall shameless in how yall imitate
Why yall so relentless in yall oppression and hate
Why you think you can steal another Black are form
Why you gushin so much blood from your right arm
Must be a burst artery
So I’ll let you bleed out
While you still wonder
What this was all about