You’re doing all this crying about trump winning, what would have been different if hellhairy clitorus won?

Listen you sexist Yurugu, you are barking up the wrong tree, I ain’t crying about Trump’s victory, I know Trump & Heelary were cut from the same cloth and serve the same agendas.

You know, Trump asked Black people “what have you got to lose,” and that was a valid question, we ain’t got shit to lose from a Trump presidency, just like with a Heelary win; we are fix, and out path is clear.

Notice, Trump never asked you fearful, poorly educated, insecure White Racist what you have to lose; because the answer to that question is very revealing.  

This is White America’s final walk in the sun, that final gasp of air before the lungs collapse, the final meal before that long walk to the electric chair.  So please, don’t waste time trolling Black people, get out their and enjoy these next few years.  Revel in the White Psychopathic ecstasy, go to wherever you and other Racist congregate and celebrate, cuz this is it White boy, your last party.

Trump’s victory is evidence of you and your kind’s utter desperation, and while many are upset (mostly Whites with half-a brain in their heads) most of yall are way to poor-educated and heavily indoctrinated to even understand what this means for yall.  LOL!!!

Finally, this moment has been predicted by White, patriotic scholars for decades, and you’ll find that the best and brightest of your Race are already jumping ship or they are making strategic alliances with non-Whites and distancing themselves from White Nationalist and White Aggressors cuz they know the long, destructive, and genocidal reign of the West is done.  

I know you think this is all just “crazy Nigger talk” because your dog haired cranium has very produced a coherent or critical though in your life, so I’m gonna list some White Male authors for you to read who will lay out what I’m trying to articulate to you.

I’m almost 100% sure you don’t read books, I’m pretty sure you haven’t made it this far in my response to you, but maybe some of your Racist friends and family might come across this post and gain some needed insights.

1. Derrick Jensen
2. Chalmers Johnson
3. Dimitri Orlav
4. Morris Berman
6. Chris Hedges

Finally, I’ll share with you something that your ignorant Racist never seem to understand: the biggest and most consistent threat to the White masses has been, and always will be the White Elites!  Just review your people’s history idiot, and you just elected a shit load, yall are the ones who fucked yourselves. LOL! 

Black folks have enduded much worse than Trump, in fact Trump will be easier to navigate than Heelary (who I don’t support), cuz dumb, crude Racist are never as effective as polished, liberal Racist like Heelary.  So I actually would like to thank you Racist Trump voters. 

W.R.I.T. Score: 5: Average.