What your opinions on neely fuller jr? And do your agree with him saying that black man should not call themselves black men but black boys?

I respect Fuller’s analysis of the Systems of White Domination, which he calls White Supremacy; but I think his solutions are…,and I say this with all due respect, his solutions are absurd, absolutely absurd.

Of course the Maximum Emergency Compensatory Justice’ protocol is on point, but the rest of his solutions are absurd. If we look at Liberation Movements, and Revolutionary Movements throughout history, we see that many of them did the opposite of what Fuller suggest to get Oppressors off their backs. 

In medical treatment dianostics is seperate from treatment for the most part.  When you go to the hospital with an issue, you go to diagnostics first to find out the nature of your issue, when your issue is identified you then go to a specialist for treatment; most often the technologist or physician who diagnosis your problem is not qualified to treat the problem, also, the specialist who treats your problem often lacks the skills and training to officially diagnose the problem.  That’s just how shit is.

So I think fuller is diagnostic specialist who tries to also prescribe a treatment plan without the skills to do so. 

I think his teachings hold value, for organizers and Revolutionist particularity, but I think if one tries to fully embrace his methods, they will be all but useless to the larger Liberation Struggle, because Fuller asserts that only White People can end White Domination of the World, which is, with all due respect, absurd.