Lets say you make it big. You have your own program on cable television and is receiving massive support, and gaining popularity. Should we assume you’ve been compromised and no longer viable to the movement?

First of all (in my Kevin Hart voice); you don’t have to make assumptions when there is evidence available. It would be obvious if I sold-out, espcially in the context of the Bro. Diallo Show.

I think it’s a good rule of thumb to hold all Blacks who have “made it” with a level of distrust and suspicion; but you can’t rest only on that.

You should do with my show, in that scenario the exact same thing you should already be doing with those who have actually “made it big:” weight the content and quality of what’s being said or advocated, then make an informed judgement about the integrity of the host and their show.

Beyond that, you should pay very close attention to who’s paying me, who’s sponsoring me, what I do with the money I get, and what I do with such a platform; even if the content remains consistent.  Every person who professes to work in the interest of our people and communities should be under ongoing scrutiny; especially leaders and public figures.  We have way to much blind trust and adoration for those who have “made it.” 

Also, if I’m taking money from corporations or institutions that I stand in direct opposition to; like if Monsanto is advertising on or sponsoring my show, then you know I’m compromised even if I don’t soften or change my message and point of view. 

If a media figure is saying the correct shit, shit that can be validated and within proper context, then accept that valued input; if they ain’t then you should opposed them no matter if they are independent and obscure or sponsored and popular.  

I don’t have any plans for “making it big,” but I really need more support from the community.  So, please check out the show, get the word out, and support in anyway you can, that way when Fox News try to put yah boy on the payroll I can tell them to fuck off.