I know Christianity is not for the African. I am an atheist myself. Historically, the power of the churches in the function of an organizer of Black people is consistent throughout. In your analysis, is there any capacity to use them in our liberation fight? I honestly don’t know.

Using an alien religion and dogma to liberate yourself is akin to using Black suicide to limit the US prison population; it’s a solution that feeds an even greater problem.

If we look critically, Black people have mobilized to subvert White oppression in spite of the Black church, not because if the Black church.  The church was the only institution Whites allowed to freely develop in the Black population since slavery, religious or biblical education was the only education they allowed, our ancestors enslavers give our people time off to engage in religion because they knew that it would deepen our acceptance of enslavement.  When we started to organize against oppression we did so out of the church because that’s all we had, and our ancestors had to fight against the Prechas and the religious leaders to utilize those resources to organize against our oppression.

The Church and the Prechas came kicking and screaming to the Black Liberation Struggle, they didn’t start it, they didn’t fully support it, and when they got on board they turned it from a Revolutionary Liberation Struggle, to a Reformist Integration Movement.

I’ve examined many Liberation movements, and I’ve yet to find one viable struggle that operated under an alien Religion.  From China, to Cuba, to Haiti, to Ireland, to the Iraq; I’ve never been able to find a sustained liberation struggle where they people didn’t struggle within their own culture, and reject the religious or spiritual practices imposed on them by the very forces they were fighting against.

Also, Black people don’t even practice Christianity, they submit to it; G.W. Bush is a real Christian because Christianity is a religion of conquest, from Constantine the (un)Great, to the Crusaders, to the US Military; Christians are always prepping for war or waging war; even the Popes built and blessed conquering armies.

They only passive or subordinate Christians you find are those who were conquered by the real Christians and forced to replace their native Gods with Jesus and the Bible. 

If Black people were real adherents to Christanithy instead of a people who are submitting to the God of their conquers, then we’d have Black Christians resistance to White Power, Asian Power, and Islamic Power all over the world, these Black Christians would be more than pawns in the Clash of Imperial Powers.

But the Christianity of the Slave is not the same as the Christianity of the Conquer; and all Black Christians practice the Christianity of the Slave, the same goes for the Islam, we practice Islam of the Slave.

We can link with Black Christians, they can make contributions to the Liberation struggle, but they will only go so far within the struggle before they are confronted with the inherent contradictions of being a Free African vs. a Black Christian; and that’s an internal struggle that every African adherent to an alien religion.  They will also have to accept that their religions institutions will not support them.

Marcus Garvery was a Christian, but the Black church doesn’t honor him, even Dr. King was not supported by the established Black church in he era; look up the documented history. 

You’ll see that most Revolutionary Black people when they reach a certain level of understanding tend to become non-observing Christians or Muslims, or they greatly suburdinate their Religon to the larger Struggle, like Malcolm X did.  He kept his religion at home “in the closet” when it was time to do the work of the People.  Putting your alein religon on the shelf or totally abondoning it is usually what happens when an African awaken and embraces the Struggle.

So, if Black Christians join and contribute to the culture, it’s in spite of their religion, and they will have to understand that.