What do you think about ‘White Indigenous Tribes’? Have they ever existed or still exist today as Black tribes in Africa? Why do us Blacks and perhaps Natives still have tribes in our respective places of origins.

White people are the most tribal people on the damn planet, and have engaged in more tribal wars than any other race that I know of.  They’ve struggle the most with national and continental unity (because Europe ain’t even a real continental, it’s the backyard of Asia).

They have never exsisted as “Black tribes in Africa” because their culture and world view is almost the polar opposite of the African culture and world view, and thus their social relations and constructs are very different.

We can’t understand African from an Eurocentric World View, just as we can’t fully understand Europeans from an African Centered World view.  It’s best to study (honest) White scholars if you want to truly understand Western Culture, it’s internal culture, not its behaviors towards non-Whites, we understand that shit too well.

Whites give their Tribes fancy names like “Ethnic Groups,” “Nations, "States” or “Multinational Corporations,” or even “Religious Denominations,” but they are nothing but primitive, savage, ecocidal, genocidal, criminal tribes.  Hi-Tech Barbaric Tribes.

We still have Tribes for the same reason we still have Families, it is natural for Humans to form social groups, and for those social groups to become more complex and expanded over time.  It’s simply evolution.  Humans go from unity with the Self, to Family units, to Tribal Bonds, to Regional States, to National Governments, to Continental Unity, to Global Unity; but White Domination interrupted that evolution just before we got to the Continental Unity stage and sent us back to the Tribal Bonds in African, and is some places like the US, we don’t have have the “unity with the Self” or “Family unit” stages established. 

As we secure our liberation we will return to the path we were on before the outsiders disrupted our natural development.

Tribes are nothing to be ashamed of or shunned, we just can’t get stuck in that stage of unity and development, becaser there are other stages we need to work towards.