On Pan-Africanism & State-Craft.

I wrote before on how it’s so much easier to build churches than to
build businesses in our communities, why it’s easier to organize a cult
than to organize a political movement, why it’s easier to rally our
people around an emotional cause than cooperative economics; it all has
to do with Mentacide, and our multi-generational isolation from the
State and State-Craft.

From the moment we were invaded,
colonized, enslaved, and dispersed to the “New World,” we have not been
allowed to engaged in State-Craft; the erection of the Policies,
Protocols, Institutions, and Infrastructures of the State.  

mistakenly thought that being forced, or employed to build the State, to
work within the State, or even Administer the State for our Oppressors
and Colonizers was the same as State-Craft.  We mistakenly thought that
inheriting the State from our Colonizers, or being elected to govern the
State within our Oppressors State was State-Craft; but that is not
true.  Inheriting the Colonial State, and being elected to our
Oppressor’s State offices removed us even further from State-Craft and
African Institution Building.

We love to talk about how
“Civilization Started in African,” how the “First Nations” nations came
out of Africa; you rarely hear us talk about State-Craft and Institution
building.  I swear to you, I’ve given presentations, lectures, and sat
on panels, and I’ve had other conscious people, Black community leaders
tell me that “our people don’t want to hear about that,” they told me
that “folks are gonna walk out of my talks” if I keep discussing such
“boring Europcentric” topics.  I’ve actually had people get up and march
out cuz I was talking “Eurocentric” shit about State-Craft, Secularism,
Institution Building, Policy Development/Analysis; etc.  

wanted to hear about how great we was, how evil da White man is, and
how we’ll overcome some day (without actually getting into the details
of just how we can overcome), no lie.

I’ve been a member of, and
founded more than a few Black organizations, and the point where shit
breaks down is when it’s time to engage in Institution building and
State-Craft.  We were so good a protest, “waking our people up,” showing
our (superficial) unity, exposing the White
Man/Illuminati/Oppression/etc; but the moment it came time to do the
unseen, unappreciated, neglected work of Institution building and
State-Craft, dudes would get frustrated, bored, hostile and just

I always hear; “I ain’t with all that talking,” and
“I’m about doing the work,” I’m like; are these people literally saying
that they want to work without planning, without critical thought, then
WTF is their work rooted in?  How do they even determine what work is
worth doing and what work is a waste of time.  I try to remind these
Militants that every single military base has several classrooms,
libraries, lecture halls, planning rooms, and boardrooms; in fact, until
you show a level of competency, the military will not put a gun in your
hand.  So how are we going to “do dah wuk,” if we don’t do the
planning, research, discussion, review, debate, verification, etc?

If I had a penny for every time someone tried to disparage me for
having read a lot of books, and for quoting scholars; I’d have enough
pennies to fill up a lot of socks to beat some sense into some folks
heads…, and pennies left over to buy even more socks.

been so far removed from State-Craft, and Institution building that when
we see other Races engaged in these actions and we think it’s magical,
or witchcraft, or that they are aided by Demons and Aliens.  If you
think I’m joking, just attend some of these Black Nationalist lectures;
they will talk about the Illuminati, Child Sacrifice, Satanic Rituals,
Reptilian Overlords, Mind Control, etc.  They talk about shit that’s
straight our of your favorite science fiction novels and movies.  Their
solutions are also science fiction.

I’m not saying there’s not
truth to all that, but that’s not why our Oppressors are able to erect
and sustain a State, an Economy, massive infrastructure, resource
extraction/refinement/processing/distribution, global militarism, ect.  
There’s nothing magical about that shit, it’s simply protocols, basic
disciple, planning, execution, review, etc.  Basic shit that our
ancestors taught them.  

We’d rather fight the Satanic,
Reptilian, Masonic Forces of the Illuminati; like some kinda Black
Afrocentric Harry Potters, instead of engaging in the systematic and
scientific work of Revolution and Liberation, which should be tied to
State-Craft and Institution Building.

We think we can get free
through Activism, Demonstrations, Protests, and Reforms; but none of
that shit works unless we have institutions and a grand agenda to tie
all that shit together.

We think we can get free by embracing our
African culture; wearing African clothing, learning an African
language, worshiping African gods, wearing African hairstyles/jewelry,
doing African dances, pouring libations, etc.  Sorry yall, but that will
not free us either.  We fucking had all of that and more when we got
invaded, colonized, and enslaved!!!!  If simply having your culture
didn’t stop you from being colonized and enslaved, how the fuck is it
supposed to bring you out of it?

I ain’t saying don’t take it to
the streets, or not to return to our culture; but if that ain’t tied to a
grand vision, a sound multi-generational agenda, rooted in Pan-African
Institutions and State-Craft, then we will just be some loud, and good
looking Slaves, and our children, and their children’s children will
still be fighting the struggles of our recent ancestors.  

As we
build real world power, we will see fewer and fewer cults, churches,
anti-intelloectualism, anti-analyticalism, a-historicism, and other
dysfunctions that come from Oppression and working to Integrate with
your Oppressors. (I’m not saying that Spirituality will disappear, it
will be better integrated into our Systems and Society.  Our
Spirituality will go from being a crutch, to being empowering.)

(Note:  I was going to post about the NBPP incident, but this need to be
said, it needs to be communicated as often as possible.)