What are your views on Anarchism in relation to Pan-Africanism and Socialism?

Anarchism will be the ultimate outcome of the proper implementation of Socialism. Socialism will be the ultimate outcome of the proper implementation of Pan-Africanism.

People think that Anarchy means chaos, but the historical reality is, hierarchy, oppressive and exploitative governing and economic systems are the source of chaos, wars, ecocide, and all of the other ills that plague human societies.

Anarchy literally means No Rulers, no Hierarchy; no exploitations.  It means no one can profit from your talents or exploit your weaknesses.  It’s about free association or non-association.  It’s about non-coercion and non-aggression.  Anarchy means no fucking cops!  It means no State or central government.

People are indoctrinated to believe that the State and the police exist to keep us safe, but they only exists to sustain the Statu Quo, and they will utilize any level of violence needed to do so, against anyone they deep an active or potential threat.

I’m not an Anarchist because at this point the People have formed an unhealthy symbiotic relationship with the State.  There are those who think that we need to submit to the State because of this, others think that we need to just destroy the State out right.  The reality rest in the middle.  We have to systematically dismantle the apparatus of both the State and Capitalism, while transitioning ourselves away for both reliance on and submission to the State.  I know that sounds boring to the Radical Left and insane to the Center and Right Wing, but if we fail to the entire life-sustaining capacity of the earth will be destroyed.   

I am a Pan-Africanist and a Socialist, I seek to set humanity on the path to justice which theoretically will be an Anarchical State, but time will tell; right now we have to deal with more immediate threats which are Global White Domination and Finance Capitalism; and we need to engage in Statecraft to do this.  We have to erect Pan-Africasnist Systems and Institutions to oppose Oppressive Systems and Institutions.  Anarchy is the privilege and obligation of Whites because it is their State apparatus and military that dominates the world and is driving the world to Omnicide, not African Empires and States.  We have to secure and build African and Diasporian States/Institutions up against Western Oppression and Empires, not destroy our States.

So, Anarchy for Whites, Pan-African Revolution of Blacks…., then, after Liberation, we can entertain Anarcho, Pacifism, and other ideas and paths.

An African embracing in Anarchy in this era is akin to a Jew embracing Pacifism in Nazi Germany (it’s that fucking serious); all ideologies don’t work for all people in all conditions; not even just or preferable ideologies and practices.  This is what I try to tell Black Anarchist, but they too busy dancing in the mosh pit with White Anarchist to listen to me.    

I talk about Socialism & Pan-Africanism all the time; here are the links: