Protocols for the Prevention of Gayafication!

Ladies, I got some really bad news for yall:

Due to the insidious conspiracy constructed and carried out by the Gay Agenda, and supported by all of you women; to turn us Manly, Macho, Heterosexual Men men Gay by tricking us into compromising situations with Transsexuals; we are being forced to make serious adjustments in our Behaviors, and you CisHet women will be the ones who suffer!

For our own safety, and to prevent us from being tricked into being Gay we, the REAL Men will now:

1. Truly take the time to get to know you before we send DicPics, demand sex, or even feel yall up.

All you ladies who love being groped in the club, getting DicPics as you eat dinner with your relatives, who like anonymous sex in public bathrooms; sorry, those days are gone; and you have the Gay Agenda to blame.

Now we gotta get to know yall, we are now interested in knowing your history, what made you the woman you are, hell we wanna met your families, be invited to dinners with your Peeps and shit.

2. We will now seek out our Baby Mamas, the Exes we took for granted and apologize to them, try to see if we can rekindle the love we lost, show them how we’ve grown and that we are ready to be in stable and mutually supportive relationships; cuz women from the past can’t trick us & and turn us Gay!

Sorry ladies that wanna hook up with us dudes who have left a multitude of abandoned women and children in our wake, we going back to were we are should never left.

Again, blame the damn Gay Agenda if you out here waiting on a dude to leave his wife, or BM, or current girlfriend to hook up with women we barley know, it’s not safe for us any more, we tryna avoid being turned Gay.

3. We are now embracing and elevating single mothers, if you already got kids…., well then you don’t have the means to turn us Gay, so, if you need a night off, holla at us, not only are we willing to kick it with you, but we’ll watch the kids while you go do yah thang! Cuz we can’t be turned Gay if we are tending to children instead of seeking sex with strangers.

These are just the initial protective measures we must take, but there’s more to come.

If you are offended, don’t blame us, blame the Gay Agenda!

Ladies if you find that you are able to walk the streets without being called out, hollered at, catcalled, groped, etc; it’s the Gay Agenda, we don’t know who’s safe to harass on site anymore!

Also if you meet a dude who’s tryna get with you without getting to know you, who’s catcalling you, who’s tryna hit it and quit it, who’s pissed you won’t fuck soon enough, who’s left a bunch of emotionally traumatized women in his wake, who’s not supporting both his kids and his baby mama, who’s dissing you for being single, or a single mother, or still tryna be a Playa; he’s prolly Gay, or on the way to being Gay! Just tell him that, I’m sure he’ll appreciate your effort to rescue home from the Gay Agenda!