What do yo think of people like Robert de Niro who buy hotels in black countries and cater to the wealthy?

You talking about them Nobu Hotels?

Well, that’s Imperialism.  The US military bombs the Third World nations into submission, Western Intelligence Agencies subvert progressive policies/politicians/organizers and the overall economies of Third World nations, then the international lending agencies (IMF, World Bank) buries the nations into inescapable debt and impose SAPs (Structural Adjustment Programs); then the “Liberal” elites come with their “investments,” and their “charity,” and their “economic development programs.”

Then we all end up thinking its all about good White Liberals and savvy investors creating jobs in poor countries; failing to see that the shit is part of a larger system of oppression and imperialism.  John Perkins broke it all down, but he was virtually ignored by the corporate media and therefore by the masses.  SMH.

I don’t like this shit, I live to oppose this shit, and liberate both humanity and the world’s ecosystems; but I’m one poor Black man with a few allies, so….

It’s hard to get people to understand this because the masses are both miseducated and heavily indoctrinated by the corporate media and the formal education system.  

They think de Niro is a good guy, that fact that he’s married to a Black women means he’s not Racist, but they forget that Slave owners and colonizers always fucked and fucked over Black women, men, and children and they still do.  I don’t know if he’s Racist or not, but I can say for sure they he’s a beneficiary of Racist history and policies, that he’s engage in the same (economic) imperialism as his Italian Ancestor, Columbus. But the education system doesn’t teach real history or class analysis, or dialectics; so if a person or an act looks positive on the surface 99% of people will accept it as a good thing.  

But hey, if not de Niro, then it would be some other Capitalist benefiting from the path made by the US military, Intelligence Agencies, and other Imperialist Institutions like the IMF, right?

European Imperialism and Colonization has fought and murdered to turn the Third World into a source for raw materials, markets to dump their products and pollution, and finally playgrounds and brothels for their elites.  This shit will not change until the World Wide Revolution.

So, New Negro Elites will enjoy these Nobu Hotels along side the White neo-colonialist, and the poor Black masses will aspire to get to where the New Negros Elites are.   All while we who are truly human, we who struggle for justice will struggle on til we win or til we are no more. 

The docu Life & Debt breaks down a lot of this shit…