More Body Cam Bullshit….

I literally heard someone call for Police Body Cameras in response to the savage drive-by shooting of Tamir Rice!!

The atrocity was already caught on camera!! What, do they think having the murder filmed at a different angle would have made a difference? Are people really that fucking brain dead?

Let me tell you, having the police violate our basic privacy by filming all of their interactions with us, criminal or otherwise will not grant us greater safety, unless you conciser being in an ever shrinking digital surveillance cage safe.

We are literally begging to be locked into ‘The Soft Cage.’

These homicidal Fascist will not stop their atrocities until we dismantle the Systems and Institutions that produce, train, equip, and empowers them, that’s our only solution.

They will, mark my words, they will take their body cam vids of their killing of our children and make comedic edits of them, they will use them for family entertainment, these Fascist will masturbate to the vids of their atrocities or sell them on the black market as Snuff films! (If you doubt me, look at what they did with they Lynching photos and post cards, look up Holocaust and Slavery Porn [or don’t, just take my word for it]) They been documenting their atrocities and using them as sick entertainment for centuries! Now we are begging them to take our extorted tax dollars to generate these vids. SMH.

We better wake up now, we better realize that we are dealing with hardcore psychopaths who can kill children then go home guilt free and watch football with a cold beer.

Look at history and you will see that no technology or technological advance has ever civilized a savage people, it only makes them more effective in their savagery.

Body Cams will not save us, we gots to do that job ourselves!