Where do you think the Ferguson unrest is heading?


  1. The King Assassination Riots of 1968.
  2. The Watts Riots 1965.
  3. Harlem Riot 1964.
  4. The Newark Riots 1967.
  5. The Detroit Riots 1967.
  6. The Rodney King Riots 1992.
  7. The Crown Heights Riot 1991.
  8. The Oscar Grant Riot 2009.

…or any of the other better or lesser known rebellions we’ve carried out in the last half century or more.

To quote Mutabaruka, “a revolt ain’t a Revolution."  Uprisings and rebellions are justified, but if we can’t sustain, organize, and direct that outrage into a multi-generational Pan-African struggle, we’ll continue to lose ground collectively.  It is the People’s role to rise up, and disrupt the system, it is the Revolutionist’s role to take that momentum and direct it towards Liberation and secure Power (to the People).

I predict that the unrest in #Fegerson will dissipate, there will be some hearings, some pay outs, maybe even a trail, but they people will be under the same oppressive conditions after the smoke clears; I would like to be proven wrong though.  I really, really want to be wrong.  I’m working to prove predictions to be wrong.  But if I’m not, I will continue the struggle, and hope all others including the ones whom #MikeBrown atrocity have awoken.