I Am A Victim, & I’m not Ashamed.

You know what’s most annoying about these New Negros who talk the “Victim Mentality” BS whenever we try to expose the atrocities Black people are subjected to, it’s their blatant hypocrisy.

They will denounce you when you call out the genocide, economic warfare, and degradation of Black people under White Domination, they will tell you to stop complaining, stop making excuses, stop being a victim.

But if your break into their car, their home, steal some of their Fiat currency, or damage any of their consumer goods these muthafuckas will not only call the police, they will show up, on time, for the court date, they will want you to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They will want the judge to lock you up and throwaway the key.

They will not tell the police and judge, “I’m not a victim, it’s my own fault if I get robbed, or my car gets stolen, I just need to work harder to get another car and more money; don’t lock this Black person up judge because it would make me a victim, and I ain’t no victim, I don’t have a Victim Mentality.” They would never say that shit.

That means that these New Negros value their petty material goods more than our collective dignity, and will seek justice when their material goods are destroyed or violated, but they want us to look away from the ongoing Racial injustices and atrocities, they don’t want us to call out, to expose the crimes against us as a people, to demand justice when we are collectively wronged, but they want us to support them when they are individually wronged.

Another thing that’s fucked up about New Negros and Victimhood is that these sick muthafuckas ain’t about to talk that “Victim Mentality” about any other Races, when the Jews, Native Americans, Exploited Immigrants (well the White-ish immigrants get a pass, but Black immigrants get denounced as having a “Victim Mentality” by NNs too), the Gays (White Gays only), the Asians, or any other group will never hear that “you ain’t no victim” talk from NNs. They respect not only the suffering of other Races, they also support them in keeping the memory of past injustices alive in order to prevent future atrocities, they bow their fucking heads in sorrow for everyone but our ancestors, for our fallen.

Oh, and don’t let White folks endure some shit, even if the shit Whites endure is a result of their own corruption, NNs will be quick to sympathize and call for justice. Find me a New Negro that told White folks that they have a “Victim Mentality” behind the 9/11 attacks, or the Sandy Hood Shooting! NNs were the first to run out and buy yellow ribbons and flag pins.

Simply look up the word “victim” and tell me how it dosen’t apply to Black people. There no shame in being a victim, the shame belongs solely to the victimizers; our task is not to deny our victimhood, but to secure justice for the wrongs our people suffer.

Fuck these treasonous New Negros and their toxic views.

They love to pretend that we only complain about being victims, because they are detached from the community, and totally detached from all the efforts towards justice and empowerment Black people are engaged in. They refuse to see both Black suffering (at the hands of our enemies), and Black resistance coming up from the bottom; they only see and understand what their Masters tell them about themselves and the rest of them; that’s why there is no value in debating New Negros, it’s like arguing with a dog chained in the yard instead of going to the house and dealing with the dog’s master.

Don’t allow NNs to waste any more of your time or disrupt or discourage any of your efforts.