Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Religion & Politics.

Please bare with me on this one, Imma have to go all the way around the block and back again to get to my point. Sorry, but I don’t know how else to get there, but I’ll be as short as possible because this Tinfoil Hat can get itchy.

Now, Obama will be on the Brain Box (Tell-Lie Vision) this evening telling us his plan to stop the Islamic Radicals way over there.

He will tell us he’s doing it to protect American lives, to help the poor people over there, and prevent the spread of ISISL; but he will not go anywhere near the real issue that will come to the fore in the minds of most Americans.

What most Americans will be thinking about is what they always think about whenever the Corporate Media turns their attention to the so-called Middle East: THE REVELATIONS OF THE LORD THY GOD!!!

Yep, even though it’s not spoken of by the politicians, they know that’s a central piece of the puzzle.

America is full of Christians, just sick with them, the kinda Christians who don’t read the Bible, or compare the Bible with the actual historical and geographical record. We got NFL, NASCAR, Holy Rolling Christians ova here. The kind that know a few verses, who know a few songs, who think God supports them in their petty consumption, and has blessed this nation to be the greatest on earth. Yes, America is full of stupid, and gullible Christians; not all of em, but the vast, overwhelming majority of them. (Sorry my intelligent and well-read Christians; but yall know yall are a small and unheard minority in the faith.)

These Christians believe they live in the “Time of Revelation,” they don’t understand that Christians have been believing that they live in the time of Revelation since the first day of their history, you got back 500 years, hell you go back 1999 years and you find Christians yelling about how they live in the “Time of Revelations,” and the Christians of today are no different.

Another thing that hasn’t changed for over 2000 years are the Elites (and their representatives) willingness to manipulate the Christians’ belief in “Revelations” for their own ends.

So Obama knows all he has to do is say the magic words, “Israel,” or “the Middle East,” and folks will stop listening and thinking critically, and their Biblical Indoctrination will kick in. They will forget how Bush II, Clinton I, Bush I, and Reagan fed them the same BS to justify their imperialist policies and the bombing of poor folks “over there.”

Now we who know, know Obama ain’t gon tell any truths about his motivations and methods for expanding the Empire’s intrusions and atrocities “over there,” but that will not matter to most, because they stupidly think “it’s all Gods Will and Revelation!”

Yall still with me?


Now the Media is owned by the same people who own the politicians, and the media will be driven to work with the politicians to advance their agendas and to manipulate the Flocks. So as Obama is ringing the bell of “Revelation” causing the American Religious majority to salivate their support for his Mid-East policies, the media will come with the counter punch to put the masses further into the trance.

So, what’s even more stimulating to the “Revelation Watchers,” than “Wars and Rumors of Wars” in the Mid-East? Well, “The Mark of the Beast” of course!

So time puts a digital imprint on the wrist of some hand model to provoke thoughts and cries of “The Mark of the Beast!”

The Christians will be yelling (to themselves); “it’s all coming together, our Savior will return soon,” or “the Rapture is near…again.”

Some Americans will subconsciously go through all this, some consciously. Some will offer aggressive support to the Elite’s agenda, others will tune out and imagine that nothing matters because it’s all written in the scrolls and there’s nothing any mortal can do to change shit. Either way the Elite win, their agendas move forward.

Or…..or, the Time Magazine Cover, and Obama’s speech are totally disconnected, and the American population will have their minds open and Bibles shut as they listen to the POTUS, maybe they will take it all in, in context, and come to critically thought out conclusions. Yeah, maybe that’s it, and I’m just over here bugging out in my little Conspiracy Corner.