Brother Diallo, what are your thoughts on the Black Liberation Army? Is a new one needed, can it be rebuilt, is it necessary to rebuild it? Hotep family.

The political and cultural climate in the US is not conducive to an armed guerrilla movement within the Black community…, hell it’s not even conducive to a White guerrilla movement among the White Left or Right.

All struggles go through the “armed and open combat” phase, in fact protracted and multi-generational Struggles like ours have many “armed and open combat” phases, they come and go.

The Revolutionist have to be sure that they are not too soon or too late when it comes to armed and open combat; there is often a short window to decide.

Che was once interviewed and asked about the potential for the success of guerrilla warfare in the US, and he stated that he wouldn’t recommend it for a myriad of reasons; but ultimately he asserted that there are other more viable means to bring about Revolutionary Struggle and Liberation in the 1st World Nations….at this time. 

In the US, non-State violence drives the People to the Government, when your mission is to bring people up outta the Systems and Institutions of Oppression. 

I greatly admire the BLA, and we owe them more than we could ever repay, but I think their timing was a little off.

I think all Revolutionist should be prepared and trained for self and collective defense, but we should apply the Science of Revolution, and employ the methods and tactics that best move the struggle forward.