Is hate a good thing?

“If someone hates you, hate em back! It’s healthy!” – Del Jones
“You Must hate your enemies.” – Che Guevara 

Hate is an emotion, I have warned against classifying any emotion as inherently good or bad.  Emotions are good or bad only based on how they are stimulated and responded to.

If your hatred is stimulated because you fear someone’s skin color, or because you have accept some nonsense about your superiority over someone else, then you hate is fucked up.  But so is your love, if your love for the Aryan Race or for your Nation is based on sick notions of superiority, then your love is as toxic as your hatred. 

If you hate is stimulated by injustice, oppression, Racism, if you hate oppressor then your hatred is not only healthy and justified it’s an asset.  On the flip, love for your abuser, your oppressors is as toxic as hatred for yourself. 

Then we move on to responses, when any emotion is stimulated in you love, hate, lust, fear, etc; you must engage it with your rational mind in order to properly process and act. As many atrocities and irrational actions have been taken in the name of Hate as in the name of Love.

So, Hate don’t mean the you gotta be irrational, enraged, or even hostile. Hate can be calculating, systematic, it can be organized. Just look at the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination if you doubt that. 

Also, Love don’t mean you gotta leave yourself open and vulnerable, that you have to tolerate any bullshit from those you love, etc.

Emotions are simply the label we give to our varied responses to stimulus to our senses, our senses are there to inform our actions but not dictate our actions, that’s the job of our higher brain functions.

We are most effect when our rational selves function in harmony with our emotional senses towards higher goals.

The people who Love errbody are as dysfunctional as those who hate errthang; be a balanced and whole person: Hate that which is worthy of hate and attack it, Love that which is worthy of love, defend and build it. : #BroDiallo : #AWO