Are you indicating that Obama is a murderer comparable to Christopher Columbus? I was just wondering because I’ve also heard that during Bill Clinton’s tenure as President he too had death on his hands. I can’t remember what exactly but that his order caused the deaths of many men, women, and children.

No, Obama ain’t on Columbus’ level, but not for lack of will.  Also, Columbus and the early invaders, colonizers, and enslavers did the dirt so that their descendants wouldn’t have to, they can just inherit and maintain. 

Columbus and Obama have the same mission however.  Columbus laid the ground work for Global White Domination, and Obama is the current caretaker, administrator, executive of that System that Columbus set in motion. 

Columbus didn’t have a global network of propaganda, sophisticated mass indoctrination methods, GPS guided missiles and drones, and all the other shit the Imperialist have available to them today; so he had to get his hands dirty.  But you best believe, if it once again becomes necessary to kill off entire continents to sustain this system, the Global White Elites and their puppets have the technology and will to do so. 

I know most moderates and even liberals will scoff at this, wondering “how could I dare to compare Obama to Columbus.”  But both men are serving the same System, and using the amount of violence and death needed to advance the same interest.  #UglyTruth

The same people justifying Obama’s service to GWD would have been making excuses for Columbus in the 1490s.  Maybe we’ll have to wait 500 years before it’s publicly acceptable to acknowledge Obama’s war crimes, and atrocities as well. 

As John Henrik Clarke stated; “history is never in the past,” we are all products of history, and we are either on the side of the Natives/Africans/Oppressed, or the side of the Invaders/Colonizers/Enslavers; there’s no middle ground, and Obama has firmly demonstrated his loyalties over and over. 

Final thought, just imagine if the Native American nations, all Native Peoples of North and South America mounted armed resistance to retake their lands today, do you for one second imagine that Obama would be any less merciless than Columbus was in holding to these stolen lands and their resources?  Do you doubt that he’d kill as many of them as needed in order to smash their rebellion?  #ColumbusLives

But hey, maybe I am just a crazy person, and things are better now than in 1492, the people who govern the world now are more humane and civilized than back then.  You can accept that, and just dismiss what I’m saying; then you will be comfortable, and you can look forward to voting for Hilliary as the next benevolent global dictator.  That’s what the masses intend to do.