Real Gangsters, and the Plantation Origins of Black Gangstas.


Today, the real Gangsters are called Statesmen, Senators, Executives, etc.; and now they use their media holdings to promote the myth that Black youth are Gangstas, or the embodiment of Gangsterism.

Like Del Jones said, “real Gangsters don’t wear sneakers!”

Real Gangsters don’t wear Bling, they own the gold and diamond minds, the freight and shipping companies that transport the gold and diamonds from our Motherland to the West, and the vaults that hold the extracted metals, and exchanges that determine the values of precious metals.

Real Gangsters don’t “cop the drop (top),” they own the full manufacturing infrastructure of the auto industry. They own the patents, they own the fucking engineering and design schools and firms, they own the damn advertising agencies that promote the stupid ass cars and rims they our youth are killing and dying for.

Real Gangsters don’t “run blocks,” they colonize continents, they run governments, and multinational corporations, they run the global economy, they print and dictate the value of money, they don’t grind or hustle for money.

Real Gangsters don’t just “kill ni99as, they don’t beef with ni99s,” they slaughter entire nations, the beef with rival empires, they kill entire ecosystems and exterminate oppressed Races from this plane of existence.

The people Rapping about being Gangsta, they ain’t Gangstas, they are Minstrels in the employ of real Gangsters, selling desires and promoting behaviors that will sustain the real Gangsters in power, and keep the oppressed in their designated positions.

The people running around the Hood playing Gangsta; they are nothing more than “Plantation Parasites,” or “Bucks.” These Buck were the strong slaves that would, after Massa’s work was done, and our enslaved ancestors returned to the Slave Grounds and their Slave Shacks, these Bucks would begin to terrorize the other Slaves, take what little provisions they had, they would instigate petty conflicts, commit rapes, pimp out enslaved women to other slaves, they’d control the minor gambling, or rum trade within the Slave Quarters. These Bucks terrorized and created disruption among the Slaves, and all that was heaped on top of the daily oppression and atrocities coming from the real Gangsters, the White Enslavers.

The Massa knew about the Bucks, but allowed them to operate within limits because the dysfunction and distrust the Bucks fomented further entrenched the power of Massa.

Although the Buck was the most violent of slaves, he rarely, if ever participated in Slave revolts; he’d only use violence against other oppressed, but never against the oppressors or representatives of the oppressor. Kinda like when a Gangsta will kill other Blacks all over the Hood for minor offenses, but run form a solitary cop, or when they don’t do shit when the Gas Man comes to cut off his momma heat, or the Cable Man comes to cut the cable.

The Bucks ultimate goal is to become a House Nigga, and even though he’s unrefined, uncultured, and unlearned, when given the opportunity to come into the Big House you’d see a transformation, and they will leave the Slave Quarters in shambles as they elevate to the Big House, if you need a modern example, look at these Gagnsta Rappers who make it Big (House), how they end up integrating into the Upper Classes and develop these refined taste; from Snoop, to 50, to Ice-Who-The-Fuck-Ever.

Damn, I’m off track; sorry.

My point is, we ain’t the Gangsters, and Gangstas ain’t real Gangsters, hell if these Gangstas engaged in real Gangsterism I’d have more respect for them, but they don’t even come close.

So, let’s give them back their titles, and return to our own; Nation Builders, Founders of Civilization, the Original Man and Woman.