Why are the words “social justice warrior” often abbreviated “SJW” used as a pejorative especially and specifically by right wingers? Also, do you consider yourself a social justice warrior? Why or why not, and do you have any issues with the term even outside of it’s political context?


I don’t hear that title tossed around too often in my circles, it’s kinda a White Thing, but I do understand why Right Wingers like to mock and demean titles, concept, and efforts aimed at bringing about balance and justice in society.

Right Wingers are fucking psychopaths, they lack the capacity for empathy, and they like to project their own psychopathy onto others.

Since they lack the capacity for human or humane thoughts, they think that people who express humanity are being insincere.  When you tell a Right Winger that you want justice, you want to help the poor, that you want to reduce or abolish Racism, and shit like that, they truly believe that you are conning them, that you are working some kinda angle.  People who are savages really don’t believe that there is any good in humanity, because they are the fullest and highest representation of humanity, and no one is better than them, and they lack humanity. 


You can’t reform a psychopath, you can’t educate them, evidence is all but irrelevant to them.  You can only kill them, reduce their capacity to act on their psychopathic impulses, or create distance and barriers between you and the psychopath.

Some scholars estimate that between 10-25% of all people are psychopaths, but Western Culture is so structured that the psychopaths of the White Race are best suited to rise to and sustain positions of power and influence. Capitalism is a psychopaths paradise because all of the traits of the psychopath are greatly rewarded in under Capitalism, and by extension in Western Culture.  Unfortunately, Global White Domination has also lead to a situation where, cultures that normally shunned, banished, or executed psychopaths are now forced to allow the psychopaths within their Race/Nations to rise and have undue influence over the people of non-Western Cultures.

So, just get used to seeing any movements, large or small efforts to bring justice, ecology, and humanity to the fore be mocked, and if those movements begin to grain too much influence they will by attacked by this psychopathic, Right Wing System and its paid goons.  

Here are my top 3 books on the topic:

  1. The Psychopathic Racial Personality. 
  2. Yurugu: An African-centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior.
  3. The Iceman’s Inheritance.  


I don’t refer to myself as a Social Justice Warrior, or any kinda warrior really, I’m not really a warrior, but people like to play lose and fast with such terms.

I am a Pan-Africanist, a Revolutionist.  I study, advocate for, and organize to bring about Revolution for the Liberation of the Global African Populace, and our lands.  At this stage of the struggle, I do a lot of reading, writing, educating, mobilizing, planning, blogging, broadcasting, coordinating, accumulating (resources), conceptualizing, building, gardening, designing, managing, and other shit; I don’t engage in armed or hand-to-hand combat (outside of martial arts and communal fitness training).

If the struggle (in my areas of operation) comes to that within my lifetime I’m willing to escalate, and I stay fit and willing to do whatever the Struggle demands at any given time; but our struggle (in my areas of operation) needs more researchers and organizers than it needs warriors; but if researchers, organizers, managers, administrators, fund raisers, and others wanna call themselves warriors, I don’t have a big issue with it, but I do think it’s a bit insensitive to those who are at the stage of Armed Resistance, and Conflict in their areas of operation.  The active warriors engaged in Warfare against oppression like in Nigeria, Palestine, Haiti, US prisons, the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, etc; need our solidarity and support, not for us to play Warrior, Guerrilla, and Soldiers here in the Belly of the Beast, where the Struggle is not at the stage.    

Those who are currently engage in open and direct armed combat against the agents of Imperialism are the real Social Justice Warriors; you ain’t a Warrior if you are organizing a protest, or securing heirloom seeds for you Urban Ag spaces (like I was this weekend).  But that’s OK, cuz Warriors, Scholars, Growers, Builders, Philosophers, Artist, Nurturers, Healers, and even Thieves, Hoez, and Hustlers are all needed in this struggle and have relevance.

Note: There are many who live in my community on the South Side of Chicago who refer to it as a War Zone, and people engaged in various sides of the conflicts and struggles as Soldiers, or Warriors; but none of this is technically accurate, but I understand people using such terminology to drive home the urgency and severity of the crisis; and I don’t debate them about the terms. What’s happening in Chicago is Subjugation, Encirclement, and Divestment of a population, it’s Ghettoization, which is a genocidal process; but we can’t call it a real war until there is a coordinated and sustained fight between the opposing forces in this conflict, we can’t call the armed factions warriors or soldiers until that have a political objective; beyond survival, reactionary violence and settling internal and lateral beefs.  I’m not trying to diminish the conflicts, because a death is a death in a War Zone or a Ghetto, in Syria or the South Side of Chicago; but we have to put them in their proper political context in order to develop viable solutions.  But that’s a whole different discussion.