Which race is hated more worldwide, White or Blacks?

Good fucking question! Seriously.

This is a hard one, so I gotta make a List.

1. Who has Colonized, Committed Genocide, and Invaded every populated landmass on the face of the earth: Whites.

2. Who has nuclear missiles targeted at every major population center in the world: Whites.

3. Who has contributed the most to Global Warming and Climate Change: Whites.

4. Who has enriched their homelands off of the wealth and resources of other lands: Whites.

5. Who stole entire continents while holding the Native inhabitants of that continents under oppression to this very day: Whites.

6. Who provoked and waged the only 2 World Wars that have occurred on planet earth: Whites.

7. Who has driven the most animals into extinction and ecosystems into crisis: Whites.

8. Who imposed Capitalism on the world: Whites.

9. Who has been funding and arming terrorist, dictators, warlords, and despots in the 3rd World since the end of WWII: Whites.

10. Who has had their history and contributions to humanity distorted and/or deleted would being subjected to both relentless oppression, subversion, and propaganda designed to demonize them to themselves and the world: Blacks.

Hmmm….I’m going to have to regrettably say Blacks are the most hated worldwide, so you win you White Racist Internet Troll; you and your people win a shit load of Fiat Currency and a dying planet.

Oh, and a W.R.I.T Score: 6: Average, good job.