What are you thoughts on Kwame Ture? Is his philosophy perfect or have you found flaws in his ideology? I’ve been listening to his lectures and can’t find fault with anything he’s said. Also, was Kwame Ture an atheist?

I’ve been reading Kwame Ture since I was 13 years old, he had me running around saying I was a Socialist before I knew what Socialism was.  LoL!!

I don’t have any disagreements with Ture worth bringing to the surface, but if I had to critique him I would say that he had a tendency to idealize the masses of the people.  He asserted that “Humans have an instinctive love of justice.” I wanted that to be true, but in my works and in my studies, I’ve yet to see evidence of this.  I also think Ture was way too tolerant of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in African and among the African Diaspora; he was a strong and consistent enemy of Zionism, but failed to target Islamic oppression as strongly as he should in my humble opinion. 

Most of my other critiques are cosmetic like these, nothing worth even arguing about really.

Kwame Ture has been one of my inspirations and role-models  from day one. We haven’t produced a finer example of a Pan-African Revolutionary in the past half century or more.