Heelary ain’t about to rescue us from Trump!

All you Negros out here talmbout: “I’s votin fah Hillary cuz I sho dun wan Trump tah be prezzident,” sound like fucking Abject Slaves!

Yall sound like the kinda Slave who’s run and hide under the skirt of a Hateful Plantation Mistress to protect you from a the wrath of a Sadistic Plantation Master!

Listen, you don’t run to the Feminist War Criminal to protect you from the aged Racist Trust Fund Baby! Not only does that not help you, it makes you a participant in your own abuse.

Get to working for power and justice from the bottom up, and vote according to your interests and values, not your fears; like some kinda punk-ass coward.

You still can vote for the Green Party (United States) candidate, or write in a candidate, and show the System that you can’t be frightened or propagandized into voting Democratic every fucking year.


Note: For you “I don’t vote,” Black folks, obviously this ain’t a conversation you’d interested in, so go back to working, or watching porn until a topic pops up that’s relevant to you. (I’m sick of people giving input on topics they are not invested in as much as I am Black folks being scared into voting against their own interest.)