On Sports, Mass Indoctrination, and Liberation…

I don’t, but I do, but I still don’t understand how sports is a multibillion dollar industry. I actually like to play sports, hell, I’ll even watch a highlight mix of dunks or knock-outs on YouTube, but I don’t understand why so much time and how so much money is dedicated to watching people you don’t even know play these games. The most exciting game, that I watched from beginning to end was my sons Biddy-Basketball game, because I was actually invested.

I’m not anti-sports, I play them I encourage my sons to play them, hell I just signed one of my sons up for another season of Basketball instruction and competition this week, but I don’t understand how these games became not only an industry, but national and global obsession, I do, but I don’t.

Here’s my understanding and conclusion about Basketball, but it applies to most other sports too, maybe one of you sports folks (not those who just casually watch the game, but people to feed real time and money into the industries, people who tune into sports channels and sports radio, people who anticipate the start of a sport season, people who know, live, and love sports and the Ball-Chasers who play them well), maybe yall could explain what I’m not getting, what I’m mission:

Basketball is just; “Men running back and forth putting a ball in a hole! That’s all it is, it’s nothing more than that, running back and forth putting a ball in a hole. I don’t care how well you do it, how good you look doing it, how many tricky ways you can do it, how many obstacles you can avoid doing it, it’s still putting a ball in a hole. The fact that they can entrance and excite millions of adult minds with that shit is proof of the level of indoctrination and mental subjugation humanity is under.”

Now, what am I missing? Sports is more than just entertainment, folks get more worked up and passionate about Sports (when I say folks, I mean males), than they do about music, dance, TV shows or any other form of entertainment.

I swear if the Elites want to get anything past us the just have to do it during the NBA Play-offs, if they really wanna do something big, like put us all in concentration camps, they’d just have to set up a mega screen and show the Super Bowl there in HD and we’d willingly walk into the camps and let them lock the gates behind us.

The Romans watch Gladiators while their so-called Civilization collapsed around them. I suspect that our African Ancestors were obsessed with watching the big men of our societies perform great competitive feats as the Arabs and Europeans encircled and closed in on us. Today, we have billions of dollars, man hours, and minds committed to games while every single ecosystem on this planet is being polluted, hyper-exploited, and destroyed.

I think we need to localize sports, bring it back to the community level, use them to build community ties and cohesion and not for false regional bragging rights, we need to divest from them and invest that time, energy, and MONEY!!! into our Liberation.

Some of us are waking up to this like this brother: (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/jason-brown-quits-nfl_n_626…)

Again, I know this is hard to take from a former “theater geek” because we are stereotypically supposed to hate sports (but, like I said, I don’t hate sports), but we need to reorient and re-prioritize how our community relate to sports, move from it being a distraction and drain to it being a community building tool, a real one.

Stop turning our sons into oversexed gladiators to be bought and sold by billions to entertain the masses as the would burns around us.

We need to turn folks like Money mayweather into Working Class Mayweather, and turn put that funding and support behind organizations that are working to Liberate us; we need fully Funded Fred Hampton’s not Money Mayweather’s. Seriously, this is about the life and death of our people. Our children should be scrambling to have the RBG on their clothing instead of the AirJordan logo, until we have masses of children with this mentality will fail as a people and eventually become extinct, no fucking joke.

“…Risking a ruptured spleen at the age of 16, having the coach scream at my lifetime dreams.” – The Notorious B.I.G. (summed up the real reality of sports for the masses, we should fix this).

The blatant oppression and atrocities of this system has both given us yet another mass awakening and opportunity (which the New Negros Leaders are trying to yet again squander), we need to Seize the Time as they said in the 60s. This is an opportunity to revolutionize all aspects of Black live in this nation, and if we don’t revolutionize our attitudes and approach to sports (because it is major in our community) then we are not gonna progress.

Note: If Brothers are gonna make millions in games, “they can get money just not (from) over here, let em do so strictly on White folks money, hell we done our share enriching them, time to revers the flow of resources anyway. It’s time to withdraw our consent and our inputs from this system incrementally until we can do so totally.