Will atrocities against the black race increase dramatically the closer we reach our goal in Pan African Liberation ?

That all depends on how we organize and advance the Struggle. If we erect defensive and offensive structures and protocols as we advance towards Liberation, and we also work to dismantle our Oppressor’s ability to wage war or commit atrocity we will see a marked reduction in White Aggression the closer we move to Liberation.

If we put all our efforts into economic, political, and cultural Liberation and fail to build ourselves up militarily; if we keep embracing that Non-Violence bullshit that the Integrationist sold us on in the 50s and 60s, then we can expect our enemies to increase their attacks against us as they see us move towards Liberation.

Our Oppressors operate on the M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) principle’ meaning that they will only respect you if you create and maintain an equal or greater capacity and will to kill them as they have to kill you.  When you reach a state of M.A.D. with them, then you can move on to negotiate terms, they they will only honor as long as there is a state of M.A.D.

I know this is insanity, but this is the nature of our enemy. 

So, we have to cover all ends, and trust that our Oppressors will enthusiastically commit all the atrocities that they feel they can get away with; they are doing that right now, in their prisons, in poor Black communities, all over African and the rest of the 3rd World.  They are currently committing the maximum amount of atrocities that they feel they can get away with without provoking too much rage and resistance from their victims, and it’s up to us to demonstrate to them that we are willing to met their violence with equal or greater violence because history demonstrates that that’s the only thing that limits their violence. 

When I say violence, I’m not just talking about physical violence, all elements of this System does violence to Black people; economic violence, psychological violence, environmental violence, social violence, cultural violence, dietary violence, this System accost us at all levels, and we only recognize and respond to the physical violence; when men in suits and lab coats do more violence to us than men in uniforms with badges do.